How To Make a Baby Mask – Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

While FNAF stuff is showing up more and more in Halloween stores, but you won’t find any for Sister Location (or FNAF World/ The Silver Eyes). If you’re looking for a newer character, then you’re going to have to DIY*. Today we’re going to look at how you can make a Circus Baby mask of your own with some basic supplies.

Step One: Gather your supplies

The supply list for this one is very simple. All that you need is:

  • One white mask (full face). I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but I’ve gotten them in the past from all of the major craft stores, and around the Halloween season  even in Wal-Mart.
  • One pack of Sharpie markers, or if you already have them at home, then make sure you have: Black, orange, red and purple (not light purple)
  • A pencil










Step Two: Pencil out the vertical main line

Baby’s mask is split down the middle, so you will need a vertical line that bisects the face of the mask.













Step Three: Pencil out the rest of the lines

Baby has some distinct lines on her face, for the opening segments, most notably by the cheeks and eyes. Drawing these in with a pencil allows you the chance to do them as many times as you need in order to get them right, and make sure that they have symmetry, as they do need to be even on both sides of the face.












Step Four: Ink in the lines

Once you have your lines the way you want them, go ahead and ink over them so that you have clearly defined lines. Be careful here, as you’ll really only get one shot at this step.















Step Five: Fill in black spaces

Baby has black spaces near, but not on, the lines of her face. Using “u” shapes to make these spaces, connect and shade in these areas. Also, fill in the black area around the eyes you will need to add depth.













Step Six: Fill in the red sections

Baby’s mouth and nose have red areas that need to be filled in. Just one word of advice. If your pencil lines are thick here, then you will want to lighten them up with an eraser before you use the red sharpie. This prevents the heavy lines from bleeding through.













Step Seven: Fill in the purple sections

Baby has purple on the outside  of her eyes, and for her eyebrows. Take a few moments to color in these sections. Be careful by the side of the eyes. You can always add more if you go thin, but correcting for too thick is much harder.













Step Eight: Color the orange hair

Finally, color in the hair at the top of the mask. Of course for a full cosplay you will also need a wig (or you could spray your hair with temporary spray if you have naturally light hair) for the signature pigtails, but this gives you the perfect bang line to begin from.   baby-mask-inked-with-orange-and-cleaned-up-fnfa











There you have it. Your baby mask.

If you make one of your own, then please drop me a comment with a link to it, or send me a tweet. I’d love to see your work!

*Yes, the scale is a little off, because Baby’s face is not human shaped. The art was scaled to the mask in order to make it wearable.

Darth Vader is The Best Parent in The Star Wars Universe

Darth Vader on Twitter


When you think Darth Vader, the odds are good that the words parenting skills don’t come to mind. But sadly, he is the best parent in the Star Wars universe. Lets go other the other options.

Padme Amidala

She dies giving birth, no matter what reason you ascribe to for that event. So her parenting skills are a technically unknown. Though, she did go to an industrial molten lava planet late in her pregnancy. If we know that’s unsafe, so much so that the state of Hawaii recommends against pregnant women being near the fumes, then surely a space faring species knows this. At least the use of some personal protective equipment would have been a reasonable precaution.

Yes, you could make the argument that she was trying to save her children’s father, which would have been good for them. But I’m then going to make the counter-argument that their father had just killed a whole bunch of children! He was having a very violent episode (not  his first) and she knows from prior incidences that when he’s in that state he just kills everything in front of him.  Oh, and lets not forget, she knows that she’s going to a fight. Obi-wan doesn’t want to bring her because he fears for her safety.  That’s why she stowed away.

Leia Organa and Han Solo

Gave their child up to his uncle to raise when it became apparent he was strong with the force. And we’ve all seen how that turned out. Patricide.

Lots of us don’t get along with our parents.  Homicide is not usually the result.  As it turns out murdering your parents in harder than you think, and killing them requires a complex psychological mix of contributing factors. Usually, some kind of negative parental behaviors (abuse or neglect) are involved in those situations. Children who have killed their parents almost universally report feeling like they had no other option. Child bonds to fathers in mammals that stick around after birth can be surprisingly deep, despite that fact that child-mother bonds have a lot more research behind them.

Shmi Skywalker

Allows her child to engage in very high risk sport, pod racing. Its obviously possibly fatal and suffers from a number of other problems that basically make it a death sport. Then she gives her child to relative strangers, and when she’s set free makes no effort to contact him. Despite that fact that in that period in time the Jedi are making no secret of their location, so sending a message  to him would be very easy.

Those are our “Light Side” main character parents. Now, lets talk about our bad boy.

Darth Vader

Yes, he tries to kill Luke. That is until he realizes that Luke is his son. Then he stops trying to kill him, and starts trying to get him to come with him. This is what any reasonable parent would do upon discovering that they have a teenage they never knew existed. Doubly so if that child has decided to join a para-military organization engaging in dangerous assaults on the government.

Yes, he does fight Luke, but if you look at the fights, he pulls his punches. The fights are far less aggressive then before he knew. Finally when push comes to shove and he can’t get Luke to convert he kills his friend and mentor in order to protect his son, and dies himself in the process. That’s his act of redemption, a sacrifice that real life parents do make for their children.  Because that’s one of the basic parts of being a parent, keeping your children safe.

As for his treatment of Leia remember, he didn’t know she was his daughter when they met in the first movie. Or when he tried to attack the base on Hoth she was inside.

So given that he didn’t willingly abandon his children, wanted to take care of them once he knew that they existed, and gave his life to protect one, we can see that he is far and away the best parent in the Star Wars universe*.


*This is current movie cannon only. I love the books, but there are just too many to deal with them all, and only a select group of fans of the films have actually read them.