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Great Fiction on YouTube

YouTube holds a lot of great informational content, some amazingly scary people, deep dive fandoms and just about everything in between. What most people don’t think of YouTube as is a provider of great, watchable fiction (outside of the paid stuff). So today, I’m going to show you some of the best fiction stuff you can find on YouTube.

Best Fan Fiction – The Storyteller

This Fallout fan series really comes into its own in season 2 when The Storyteller gets better animations and some pithy companions (Edna the eye bot in my favorite). It spans all of the Fallout games and mostly covers lore aspect, not lets play or mechanics, though you can find those types of videos on its mother channel, ShoddyCast, as well. It so popular its getting its own movie soon.

Best Original Story – Welcome to Nightvale

Yes you can get it in its original podcast form, but you can also get the whole series (minus special events) on YouTube. It’s great creepy/funny audio that will make you care about the characters. Bingeable.  Remember: Dogs are not allowed in the dog park. People are not allowed in the dog park.

Best Comedy – Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager (Night Shift Manager)

Star Wars leans itself to the idea of parody theses days. But if you’re looking for something more old school, try Darth Vader in a dead end job. Its funnier than it sounds and there are four seasons out.

Best Adaptation – Victoria Frankenstein MD

It starts as real science, but it also gives you a funny insight on how the character of an updated Dr. Frankenstein may have made her own web series. Its hysterical!

I’ll update when I find more series worth adding to the list. If you have suggestions, then add them to the comments below. Thanks!


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