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The Luxury of Caring

14111743435qkl6It seems like caring about things, really caring (not just screaming about things like politics at the TV or taking care of your pets) and not having to care about just one thing. That’s the great thing about being a geeky girl.

I can care about books, cosplay, board games and cooking. I can love code, zombies (both at the same time) and web videos. I can love YouTubbers and open source software.

People who see themselves as normal tend to self limit. They define themselves by that small set of things, and then not explore other sides of themselves (Warning – this is observational data, and without real science could just be my point of view. If someone wants to find data on this point I’d be open to reading it.) because of it.

That’s what this blog is about. If you have options, and I have options. I just want to be someone that I am interested in, and I think most people want that too. So I hope you enjoy the ride, and I hope that you get as much as this from this as I do.


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