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The Meta Moments from The Fallout 4 DLC

Like most gamers who are into the RPG/ FPS areas, I have played Fallout 4.  The thing I loved best (besides blowing things up – and if that’s a spoiler then you’re really not paying attention) was the DLC. Not for the story, or what you can do with the raiders, but for the little meta moments found within.

DiMAs Memories -> Portal

Moving blocks and redirecting cubes to move energy beams in order to accomplish puzzle like goals (set by an AI) in a clean, cub-ish environment. Sounds a lot like Portal to me. See for yourself:

Lizzy’s Holotape -> BioShock

Lizzy, an operator working out of their headquarters in The Parlor, leaves a holotape lying around. The tap is about experiments in mind control. Its not as successful, but when she asks with a “please” she hopes to make the subject do what she wants, even if it would hurt them. Does that remind you at all of Suchong’s tape with the little girl and the puppy? Compare it in the links, would you kindly.  Then go make some Persuasion Grenades.

And before you say I’m reading too much into it, don’t forget this series does a lot of these little references. You can play a knock off Donkey Kong (The Red Menace) and Missile Command (Atomic Command) in the game. So clearly, they’re not adverse to adding other games into theirs.